In recent years I have been working on an approach based not only on writing music but initiating, producing and managing projects where my music is involved. I feel more comfortable with this way of working:

  • I have the tools to create the environment surrounding my music and influence the final result
  • I can decide the exact instrumentation I need (which lately has not been very ‘standard’ and usually doesn’t fit with regular commissions)
  • I can choose the performers and communicate more effectively with them.

The result are full concert-length pieces; projects developed in collaboration with musicians, ensembles and institutions:


for solo soprano, 3 flutes, 3 sopranos, 3 contrabasses

Sarah Maria Sun, soloists from different European ensembles

Empor is a piece written in collaboration with the poet Irène Gayraud. Over three movements, the composition and the text ponder the listening experience as a phenomenon that requires a special internal disposition that allows us to perceive the world, but also as a metaphor for artistic creation.

Project supported by L’Auditori de Barcelona and Musik der Jahrhunderte.

Compression music

for soprano, piano, percussion, modular synth and sampler performer, sound engineer

Sarah Maria Sun, Neus Estarellas, Feliu Ribera, Luis Codera Puzo, Santi Barguñó

Compression music is a one-hour piece of rhythmically oppressing sonic experience which deepens the very idea of sound. The piece raises the question of how the omnipresent current aesthetics of compressed sound in modern music (characterised by homogenising dynamics and the construction of a compact sound) can meet the classical musical tradition (based on opposing principles such as realistic acoustics, natural instrument colours and wide dynamic ranges).

Project supported by the BBVA Foundation.


for modular synth and sampler performer and three partially detuned pianos

Luis Codera Puzo, Ensemble New Babylon

MUHR#02 is a project for three partially detuned pianos and modular synthesizers that consists on the presentation and development of several relatively static sound masses. MUHR#02 is set to be performed after the measure 130 of the piece Vers la flamme Op. 72 (for piano solo) by Russian composer Alexander Scriabin.

Individual pieces and catalogue


code is poetry (2020) [2v, va, vc]

MUHR#02 (2019) [3pno (special tunning), modular synth]

compression music (2018) [sopr, pno, perc, modular synth and sampler performer, sound engineer]

empor (2017) [solo sopr, 3 fl, 3 sopr, 3 cbs]

π (2014) el. guitar, modular synth, tbn, cb, perc]

aproximación a lo indivisible (2013) [solo sopr, ob, bass cl, tpt, tbn, perc, pno, v, va, vc, cb]

oscillation ou interstice (2013) [voice, bass recorder]

kaolinite [Al2Si2O5(OH)4] quartet (2012) [v, va, vc, cb]

multiplicidad y relación (2011) [alto fl, bass cl, v, vc, perc, pno]

scratching (2011) [solo marimba, fl, bass cl, v, va, vc, pno]

seeds of time (2010) [2v, 2va, 2vc]

golem (2009) [fl, sopr. sax, bass/Bb cl, tbn, perc, pno]


5 ideas disociadas (2011) [2-2-2-2, 3-2-2 timp, perc, 10-9-7-6-4]


solo instrument

estudio eléctrico 2:                 (2020) [akai mpc]

estudio eléctrico 1: plétora (2020) [modular synth]

φ (2015, rev 2017) [electric guitar, electronics]

albedo (2015) [piano, electronics]

sehtis (2013) [doepfer analog synthesizer “dark energy MK1”]

empor [prologue] (2011) [fl]

ruah (2009) [bass cl]



vertebrae (2010) [jazz quintet (t.sax, g, bass, pno, drums)]