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News and next premieres


  • FRAMES Percussion, the new music group from Barcelona I have been assisting on applications and strategic development has won one of the Ernst von Siemens Ensemble Prize’24
  • MUR#01 (21.6.2024, wp), for 3 percussionists and modular synth. World Premiere in Barcelona (Casa Montjuic)
  • Workshop about modular synth performance (25.6.2024) ESMuC
  • MUR#01 (24.6.2024, wp), for 3 percussionists and modular synth. Brussels (SMOG Festival)
  • Summa 1 (11.2024, wp) for trombone and saxophone. Commissioned by Duo Signal (Swiss tour -Basel, Zürich, Lucerne)
  • Las declinaciones for electric guitar (composition and performance). Recording on 2024
  • Las enumeraciones for solo synthesizer (composition and performance). Premiere on 4.4.2024 at Museu de la Música de Barcelona. Recording on 2024. Supported by OSIC
  • Summa 2 (1.2025, wp) for 2 flutes. Commissioned by Duet 2.26 (Basel, Zürich, Lausanne)