Code is Poetry (2020)

performed by Quatour Diotima


On 18.109.2020, the Quatour Diotima premiered my string quartet “Code is poetry” as part of the first Barcelona String Quartet Biennale.

It is possible that the only content of the music we listen to is the use of the codes. We convince ourselves that music is joyful, sad or produces emotions, but perhaps all this is nothing more than associations and terms that we have assigned on the basis of our listening code. It doesn’t matter: the way the mind resolves a dilemma manifests its own nature. The use of the code reveals much more than its illusory contents.

You can see the full concert on L’Auditori digital.


Quatuor Diotima
Yun-Peng Zhao, violin
Constance Ronzatti, violin
Franck Chevalier, viola
Pierre Morlet, cello